News, Announcements, and More

Back to School time is here!

Please see below Registration and Opening sessions for all three St. Stephen’s Schools

 -St. Stephen’s Elementary School begins September 5, 2017.

-St. Stephen’s Nursery School begins September 6, 2017.

-St. Stephen’s Saturday School begins September 9, 2017.  Registration for Saturday School will take place on the opening day of school at 9:00 A.M. Click here to visit the Saturday School page for more information.

-St. Stephen’s Sunday School begins September 17, 2017. Registration will take place at 10:00 A.M. in the church hall.  All children age 3 through Grade 12 are welcome to participate! Sunday School families are invited to attend our annual welcome-back picnic after church services. Please note that the picnic will be held on the church grounds this year.

* * *
Request for Requiem Services: For Requiem Service, please call the church office (617) 924-7562 by 3 P.M. on the Thursday prior to the Sunday that the requiem is to be held, so we can include the names in the Sunday Bulletin.  Donations may be made in several ways: by Credit Card, mailing a check to the office, paying at the Church Office or on Sunday in church, Board of Trustee Office.



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