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His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia, has declared the year 2017 as “The Year of Renewal.” His Holiness’s message will be read in Prelacy parishes this Sunday, February 12.

In his message His Holiness states the imperative of renewal and provides various perspectives leading toward Renewal. His Holiness states: “Renewal in the New Testament is presented as an indispensable necessity. The purpose of Christ’s incarnation and His mission of salvation was the renewal of humankind and the universe. Indeed, the New Testament is the history of the renewal of humanity and creation by divine intervention. The Book of Revelation condenses this with the following words: ‘Behold, I make all things new.’” (Revelation 21:5)

After discussing Renewal as the goal of the Holy Bible, as the axle of the Mission of the Church, and the imperative of Renewal, His Holiness concludes: “The Church has the directive from life-renewing Christ, to become the incentive for spiritual and moral renewal that forms the foundation for true renewal of social life…. The standard-bearers of this very important task of renewal must be the Armenian youth, because they are intimately knowledgeable of the current conditions, concerns, and challenges of the world. And, therefore, they feel the actual need for renewal and they can also bring important help to the collective effort of renewal with their expertise and new ideas.”

You can read His Holiness’s message in Armenian or English.

Taken from Thursday, February 9 issue of Crossroads.

 * * *

December 2016

Prelate’s Annual Holiday Appeal

The Prelate’s annual appeal letter will be arriving at your homes within the next week. In his letter Archbishop Oshagan writes
about the task of providing spiritual and cultural guidance and nourishment to the Armenian American community. “The Prelacy has always been committed to introducing programs that promote new initiatives to transmit our ancient faith and rich cultural heritage within a modern setting. In a time when traditional values are at risk, the Prelacy is devoted to fostering the Christian faith within the Armenian family as a whole… Whatever we do, whatever success we achieve is because of the kind and generous support of our faithful people—that’s you and others like you,” the Prelate wrote in his appeal.

Last week before traveling to Lebanon, Archbishop Oshagan recorded a short video message about the Prelate’s Appeal. You can view it by clicking here.

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