Sunday School Corner

Dear Sunday School Families,
We are looking forward to celebrating this important season together as a church community. Please note the schedule of upcoming events.
Dec 16 – Sunday School Christmas Party (RSVP:
Dec 23 – St. Stephen’s Name Day and first official visit to our community by our new Prelate, Archbishop Anoushavan Tanielian. There is Sunday School on December 23 and we ask all parents to please join in filling our sanctuary to welcome Anoushavan Surpazan.
Dec 24 – Christmas Eve Service of Carols and Candles, 6:00 pm. This is such a warm and special service, and perfect for families. All Sunday School students in Grade 3 and up are invited to join the Sunday School choir for that evening. We have been working hard to practice our Christmas carols!
(Please note that the mailer indicated a 5:00 pm start time but service is actually at 6:00 pm. Singers should arrive no later than 5:45.)
Jan 5 – Christmas Communion Breakfast, 9:30 am. Join us for this annual tradition as a way to set aside time for the children of our community during one of the most holy times of the year. Plus, fun and fellowship after.
Jan 6 – Armenian Christmas Badarak starts at 10:00 am.
Christmas blessings to you all!
With hope,



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