Bazaar- Menus

Annual Bazaar – Menus

Enjoy mouth watering kebab and specialty dinners. Meals will be served from 11:30-8:30pm on Friday and 11:30am-7:30pm on Saturday.

Lunch and Dinner Menu
Kebab Dinner- Chicken, Lamb or Losh (beef/lamb burger) comes with salad, rice pilaf, bread
Combination Kebab Dinner- Your choice of two out of the three meats served comes with salad, rice, bread
Kufte Dinner- Giant-sized meat-filled goodness served with salad and yalanchi
Kheyma Dinner- A rare (literally!) delicassey served with salad.

Pastry and Gourmet Menu
Enjoy many of our after meal treats at our famous pastry section.  Also, don’t forget to take home with you some of our hand-made gourmet items as well!

Breads, Choreg, Choreg Loaves, Mini Loaves, Katah, Simit, Nazoog, Walnut Crescent, Frozen Cheese Boregs (dozen), Cream Khadaif (tray)

By the piece: Cream Khadaif, Nut Khadaif, Cheese Boreg, Spinach Boreg, Pakhlava, Burma, Walnut Crescents, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gatnabour (rice pudding with cinnamon topping)

Mante, Kufte, Yalanchi, Vosbov Kufteh (Lentil), Tourshi, Mouhammara, Hummus,
Tel Baneer (String Cheese), Tahin Bread, Eetch, Pan (Seenee) Kufteh