St. Stephen's Armenian Apostolic Church of Greater Boston

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Response to COVID-19

April 4, 2020 A reminder that church doors will be closed util May 4. Though services will take place, they will be so behind closed doors. You may make your plate offering donation online by clicking here. If you would…

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News from the Prelacy

March 26, 2020   A MESSAGE FROM THE PRELATE   We Shall Overcome   This story has been the subject of countless science-fiction films and TV series, but it is no longer fiction. The memory of the H1N1 pandemic of…

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News from the Catholicosate

CATHOLICOS ARAM’S PRAYER FOR HEALING     Almighty God, compassionate and gracious; we, your children seek your protection; bless and glorify your holy name, and sing praises unto your glory․ For you are the endless fountain of love and goodness and…

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