Church Educational Resources

Prelacy Reflection Series

The Eastern Prelacy is proud to introduce a new weekly program titled “The Prelacy Reflection Series.”  This program is designed to showcase and discuss various parts of our Christian faith in an understandable and relatable fashion.

So, whether it’s a story about one of the various Saints in our religion, Bible passages or meaning behind our major Christian holidays, every Sunday, one of our Srpazans, Parish Priests or Deacons will tell you all about it in Their Own Reflective Words!

Take a look… and tune in every Sunday for a new Episode.

Understanding the Liturgical Calendar

deaconshantThe Eastern Prelacy has also created a new mini-site  on the Liturgical Calendar of the Armenian Church, an indispensable resource developed by the Armenian Religious Education Council (AREC) for our Christian educators. It includes a number of invaluable resources to help us understand why and when we celebrate and remember our Saints and occasions in the Armenian Church.

Watch Part 1. Watch Part 2. Download a copy of the calendar here.

Bible Readings: Click here to get your daily Bible Reading.

“Sunday and Sundays”—a short reflection on Sunday worship and how it relates to our Church Year. Click here.