Sacrament Documents and Information

*as of August 2020*

As we progress through this horrible pandemic and are being allowed to slowly reopen each aspect of
our church life, we thank God for His abundant blessings. We hope that all will return to normal sooner,
rather than later. In the meantime, we want everyone to understand that the Church continues to function
under the rules and guidance of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and that there are many restrictions
still in place. At this time, we are able to hold any type of religious service only under the following
conditions which apply for Phase III, Part 1 to “all Places of Worship and Religious Services, and all
services and activities including regular and holiday services, weddings, funerals, wakes, support group
meetings, and other related gatherings.”

Here is a synopsis of those regulations which would affect the performance of sacraments and other religious services in the church.

  1. Attendance is limited to 50% of maximum permitted occupancy. It is further limited by the need to
    insure that attendees maintain proper (6 feet) social distance.
  2. Only people who live in the same household are allowed to sit together and less than six feet apart.
  3. All attendees and staff must wear face coverings or masks in accordance with COVID-19 Order No.
    31 and the Department of Public Health’s Guidance while inside and while entering and exiting
    places of worship or otherwise participating in in-person services.
  4. People, who feel ill, have been exposed to COVID-19 or who have traveled from out of state (with a
    few exceptions) are not allowed in the church. In the case of Funerals. Weddings and Christenings,
    this must be self-regulated.

    All sacramental and funerary services are limited to 50 people and by invitation only. A list of invitees
    must be kept by the family for contact tracing purposes if needed.

    Weddings are allowed only under the conditions stated above. An exception for the couple regarding
    masks may be made providing members of the wedding party are wearing masks and are maintaining social distance. If the church is being used for non-religious service oriented activities such as photo shoots, the number of people present is then limited to ten. There can be no receiving line.

    To avoid excess traffic and increased exposure, there will be no entry procession and the service will be
    performed in the chancel.

    During the actual Baptism, only immediate family (up to ten people) can be present in the Baptistery, while
    continuing to maintain social distancing.

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