Our Church

“The Armenian Church is the birthplace of my soul…” – Vahan Tekeyan

photo (2)_0St. Stephen’s Armenian Apostolic Church is located in the heart of the Armenian community in Watertown, MA, the largest Armenian community on the east coast. Its jurisdiction falls under the Eastern Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church, and the Holy See of Cilicia.

For nearly 60 years, St. Stephen’s has been a spiritual home for Armenians of all walks of life and their families in the greater Boston area.  It has met the spiritual needs of the community through its religious services and its educational, social and national activities and has always remained faithful to its primary mission: to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are seeking a spiritual home, or even just looking to return home, St. Stephen’s welcomes you with open arms and invites you to become an active part of our church’s life and mission.

From worship on Sundays to our various social, religious and fund-raising events, we strive to maintain the intimacy and interpersonal dynamics of a truly caring family of faith. If you are already a parishioner you may wish to enhance your level of participation in the life of the church by deciding to become a member or to get involved with some of the activities that take place here at St. Stephen’s Church.

In any event the doors of our home are open to any and all who wish to become a part of our unique family.

St. Stephen’s has a strong network and affiliated with a number of church and community organizations. We are proud and fortunate to operate three schools: a daily, bilingual preschool affiliated with the St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary school which itself runs from grades kindergarten to grade 5; a Sunday school for students through grade twelve; and a weekly Saturday school for late middle school and high school students that teaches Armenian history, language, and literature. Along with its schools, we have a dedicated and hard-working Ladies Guild, talented Choir, and growing number of altar servers and deacons.

The church hall is the site of many cultural activities and plays a key role for the community as meeting space for several organizations.  The church also works closely with the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center which houses many of the community organizations which we partner with to strengthen the community.