Thank you for considering  a donation to our church. Your time, and treasures, will only help our church, its programs, and community grow and prosper.

Quick Giving Links (please read below for more information and details)
In Lieu of Flowers/Memorial Gift
General Donation (JRAK, Choir, Schools, Buildings and Grounds)
Online Plate/Candle Offering
Youghakin (Christmas, Easter)
Madagh Donation (church picnic offering)
Palm Sunday/Easter Plate Offering

*New members should visit our Membership and Volunteering Page and fill out a membership form firstThe links below will direct you to PayPal to pay your yearly dues.
– Individual
– Family

Long-term Donation
To discuss a planned gift in the form of a will or trustee, or an endowment gift, please contact the Church Office.


In its most basic form, the Church is a family, a community – one that is, in our case, rooted in the Christian faith of our ancestors. Accordingly, the Church thrives in proportion to the love, commitment, and financial contributions of our community members.

There is a not more satisfying feeling than giving to the Church.  Your generosity helps to maintain community outreach and ensure that any others will be affected by your kindness.  Please see below on how you can give.

Options for Giving
Here are some of the most common option for financial giving to St. Stephen’s Church as well as current fundraising initiatives.

Requiem/Hokehankisd Donation
We take the time to remember those we lost traditionally 40 days after their passing and annually on the Sunday closest to the day of passing. On this occasion, we offer special prayers and monetary donations in their memory. Click here to make your requiem/hokehankisd donation.

Annual Membership dues
Should be paid in January of each year. $150 per individual / $300 per couple. To learn the importance of membership and why you should consider being a dues-paying member, please click here.

*** To pay your annual membership dues, click the appropriate link below:

Easter and Christmas “Youghakin”
Extra gifts on special occasions to “keep the oil lamps burning.” Click here to make a Youghakin donation.

In Lieu of Flowers Donations
The death of a family member or close friend is one of life’s most painful episodes. Those in mourning need support and one of the most appropriate and appreciated ways to express sympathy and compassion, as well as respect for the deceased, is by sending flowers.

Often times, family members of the deceased so graciously will ask relatives and friends to make In lieu of flowers contributions to St. Stephen’s.  Click here if you would like to make an “In Lieu of flowers” donation.

General Cash Donations
This is the most common form of charitable giving.  Please be as generous as you can and give in relation to your ability. Click here to make a general donation.

Yearly Pledge (tithe)
A portion  (typically 1-10%) of your salary. Often paid on a monthly basis.

Weekly offering during church services
Often times presented when entering the church or during passed plates.

Stocks, bond, and mutual funds are gifts that just keep giving! You will nit only enjoy a tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift, but will save on capital gains tax that would be due if you sold securities differently.

Will or Living Trust
Leave a lasting legacy by remembering the Church in your will, in a loving trust, in an insurance policy, or a retirement account.  It is never too late, or a bad time, to review long term financial planning.

Gifts you can be used to add to our endowment fund.  If you would like to honor a special someone or make a donation in the name of a loved one, this is the right place to invest.  These funds are invested by the Church and will continue to grow so that we may become more inclusive in our goal to enhance our spiritual outreach.

Those interested in establishing a securities, living trust plan, or endowment fund, should contact the Church office at