What is Youghakin?

Youghakin is made up of two Armenian words: “yough” and “kin.” “Youghakin” literally means the price of oil or donation in lieu of oil.

In olden days, prior to electricity, oil lamps and lanterns illuminated homes and worship places. Parishioners donated oil to keep the church lighted. After the invention of electricity, as oil lamps were replaced with electrical lamps, the

Armenian Apostolic Church continued asking members to bring symbolic contributions for the illumination of the church through the youghakin program at Christmas and Easter.

Christmas Youghakin Donation2017 Youghakin message


Easter Youghakin Donation

Holy Easter and the triumphant Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ affords us, the faithful members of this parish, a wonderful opportunity to fortify our church with the traditional Youghakin offering, so that the flame of our mission – the Illuminator’s eternal lantern of faith- always be kept alight.

To that end, you can contribute to that light with a monetary donation.  May your vows and wishes be acceptable before God.

Easter Youghakin: In a addition to a donation for oil, anyone wishing to send a donation for Eastern Lilies may be able to do so.